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  • CADGen - General Purpose designing for Engineers and Architects.

    CADGen Catalogue Products and Services The Enterpriser
    Computer Software Packages for Windows :
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    THE ENTERPRISER - Combined Stock, Customer/Supplier Ledger, Cashflow charting package
    CADGen for Windows - For the Designer
    CADElecD - Design & Simulation for Digital Electronics
    CADMechP - Design & Simulation for Pneumatics & Hydraulic circuits
    PowerCABS for Windows - For Timetable designers
    WebWriter - For Web page designers
    STKShare 2002 - Your Complete Portfolio Managment system - Keep track of your investments with this package.

    EJS is a supplier of specialised quality software products for direct customer mail order.

    If you need a software product you can't find in our catalogue we may be able to design a software product to your needs. Just contact us with your requirements. We also have many new products under construction.

    EJS is also in the process of building electronics applications.

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