THE ENTERPRISER is the combined stock control, Customer Sales, Supplier and Ledger database & Cashflow charting package.

This powerful package is ideal for small to medium sized businesses; Also for new companies just beginning to trade.

THE ENTERPRISER is priced at 29.95 per copy.


What THE ENTERPRISER can do for your business :

THE ENTERPRISER enables you :

THE ENTERPRISER is an integrated database with features to keep your financial transaction organized.

It has integrated databases holding Customer & Supplier transactions, Stock levels and location, and Products on market.
The Cash flow trading sheets are presented as a special ready designed streadsheets, with seperate versions for forecasting trade in advance; Alongside the actual trading results cashflow sheet.
These cash flow spreadsheet include features to extract sales and costs data from the trading databases.
A Year-End consolidation profit/loss sheet: automatically extracted from your actual trading sheet.

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How to use THE ENTERPRISER for your business:

You can keep records of your customer details and sales, Purchases of materials from suppliers. Also keep track of Items in stock, stock quanities and locations. Merchandise and sale prices.
There are transaction operations accessible from menu bar, tool bar buttons and directly accessible from entry listings in the viewing windows of the program.

There is also the powerful Cash flow spreadsheets built into this package. This feature has 2 seperate versions.

These spreadsheets are for you to record trading receipts and expenditure as you trade and to help you in your business forecasting.

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The ENTERPRISER Databases :

Customer database: Containing details and sales records.
Supplier database: Containing details and materials purchased.
Stock and Merchandise databases : Containing Items in stock, location, value, Products on sale and their sale price.

Each database has its own set of transactions accessible from the corresponding pull-down menus listed on the menu bar at the top of the package window. There are also tool bar buttons provided for the most common operations.

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The ENTERPRISER Cash flow spreadsheets:

There are 2 spreadsheets for each account file.

Each spreadsheet is capable of holding 7 years of data with one year visable on each viewing window. There are 12 monthly columns with receipt and cost items listed as rows. Each row keeps running totals as sheets are amended.

Amendments can be performed moving your mouse pointer inside the rectangle entry and clicking one of the buttons. The left button gives you a direct keyboard changing feature, while the right buttons have more features such as database data extractions, and entry repeating features for data occurring in monthly, 3 or 6 monthly intervals, or annually.

There is a year ending summary report feature that can extract data from the actual recorded cash flow spreadsheet version. There is also a basic profit tax calculation feature.

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How to Install THE ENTERPRISER on your PC :

Load the supplied disk into your disk drive, then from the start menu 'Run a:\Setup'. This should create an Enterpriser folder on your hard drive (C:). If this doesn't work, for example your working disk is not drive C: then create a folder with Windows Explorer and copy the contents of the disk into your folder. You can create a shortcut to THE ENTERPRISER which will give you an icon on your Windows Screen.

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Getting Help with THE ENTERPRISER :

You can get help for THE ENTERPRISER from EJS Enterprises.

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To contact EJS Enterprises - Email : EJS@CLARA.NET

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