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Introduction to StkShare for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT

StkShare for anyone who wishes to manage their investment protfolio and to record stock performance.

StkShare can :-

You may wish to keep several seperate accounts for each quoted unit for example, if some of the units are held in a PEP or ISA, or you wish to keep track of a relative or collegues portfolio alongside yours, this is ALL possible with STKSHARE, where all purchases, sales and valuations are recorded using the same stock or share price entry!

STKShare has new improved access methods
Fast toolbar buttons for easy access to functions.

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Getting started with StkShare

The first task is to copy the StkBase.exe program file to your portfolio directory. This is done by Creating a Folder on your hard disk with Windows Explorer and dragging the StkShare icon to your chosen Folder, making a shortcut link from your start button menu.
You are now ready to go.

This program is operated by button tool box or pull-down menus.

To enter your first equity share unit, or any additional new units, click on Insert/Remove and then select Entry new Stock from the menu; The initial entry form will appear. The Titles will be your reference to the unit, you may also wish keep notes of say the Company head office address, or the registrar, which can be recorded in the Notes section. When you are ready Click on CREATE. You may change the entries later if you shall wish.

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Entering Transactions

After you have created the unit entry, as above, you may have access to it;
Just click onto the Transaction button or at the menu bar.
You select your unit by checking on the entry, then pressing SELECT button.
The MAIN STOCK MENU will appear where you can select your task.

To Enter a Price quotation for the unit, enter a purchase, display a valuation, etc. To do this click on 'Transaction' on the menu bar, or select it in Access Stock, or Just click to Transaction button on the speed bar. A Selection box will appear: Select the unit by clicking on it, it will be highlighted and then click 'SELECT'. This will bring you to the Main Stock Menu.

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Main Stock Menu

From this box you may control your program. Enter a Unit Price, open a new account, Enter a purchase Transaction, or call a report. You also have a facility to change the Stock Title or Notes you have initially entered, if you do click 'Edit Title' to register your changes.

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Main Menu - Creating an account to record your holdings

To enter a record a unit holding you must create an account for it by clicking 'New Account'.

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Obtaining your Reports, Performance Listings, etc

You may get a report or performance listing once you have created your account, and entered at least one unit price.
You may obtain :

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StkShare is available to you for ONLY 24.95 per disk.

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