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Once you have drawn your diagram or are in the process of drawing your diagram and you wish to make changes to any part of it there are powerful Edit function facilities available in the Edit Menu accessible from the top menu bar.
These mainly involve selecting an object or many objects and performing a modification such as moving, copying, rotating, deletion or changing some aspect of its apperance. As you can see from the Edit menu you may select any object (except text) by indicating it with a mouse click or by one of its properties.
When you select an object its colour will change in a light grey in appearence, this does not mean it has permenantly changed colour but that it has been selected, when de-selected its original colour will be restored unless of course you have specificly selected the Change Colour option.

Here is the object selection options:

Use of any of the Select options in the Edit menu will put CADGen into an Edit mode; this will enable the Right mouse button to present you with a series of editing tools for you to use. These include functions to move, copy, rotate, mirror, delete, and change colour or layer and of course to move into unselection mode.
The explaination of each is given.

The Editing functions are obtained any time while in Edit mode by pressing the Right button on your mouse. Such functions will apply to ALL selected objects at the time of initiating the function.

You can also terminate selection mode by selecting an option from the Draw menu, forcing you back to Draw Mode. After leaving Edit Mode you may select a new Draw mode. Rotation and Mirror options are also available fo selected objects in the Edit menu itself. The Copy Rotate option will give you a rotated copy of the selected objects.

What are the other available options in the Edit menu ?

There are an additional instant editing functions for use on line objects: These are Break, Fillet and Extend Line. Those command options do not require you to select objects with the conventional Edit selection options but are edit modes in their own right. Here is a brief description of them:

For all the above operations you have most of the mouse right button modifiers also available for you to use.

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