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Including in the price is software product on disk and licence for single user with 3 months e-mail support. Additional support available on request.
THE ENTERPRISER - 29.95 - Your Business trading, stock control, and accounting package. CADGen - 40 - Standard Designing and drafting package version. CADElecD - 40 - Standard Digital Electronics Design and Simulation package version. CADMechP - 40 - Standard Design and Simulation package for Pneumatic or Hydraulic circuits. PowerCABS - 59.95 - Professional Bus Schedule designing version. ViewCABS - Retrival system for PowerCABS Professional Timetables. WebWriter - 19.95 - Web Page designing product. StkShare - 24.95 - Stocks, Shares, Cash portfolio monitor database. Other Electronics or Engineering Services.

Discounted versions for Home users : PowerCABS Home users version (single user) - 39.95.

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