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EJS Enterprises is a trading company founded by Ernest Smith, a science graduate from University of London's Royal Holloway College.

Having produced several products for DOS and UNIX environments. I embarked on my first commercial enterprise for the direct sale of software over the internet for the growing PC market using the Windows systems.

My products include PC Windows based software for :

CADGen, StkShare, PowerCABS, WebWriter

I originally worked for the Bus Schedules department for London Transport Buses where it was a system proposed to aid the compilation of Bus Time Schedules by using LT's own computer network. This was an original research project, where a large amount of knowledge and data about bus operations was accumulated to enable me to design a computer system that to improve Bus Time Schedule production for the fast changing conditions of a city such as London. This led me to leading a project to develop and implement a first real pioneering Computer Aided Bus Schedule Package - CABS
The original system consists of over a hundred modules. We at EJS have produced an modified package available for transport operators and enthusiasts to run on their standard PC Windows systrems : PowerCABS; alike.

As an Electronics Engineer, I have tested and supported transceiver radio systems for marine and the military. This lead to independant research on a project for development of a prototype Digital Oscilloscope project: Designing and constructing several signal samplers, storage systems and retriver systems which could be triggered, so that a steady wave could be displayed when the input signal to be monitored was not periodic in nature. Those projects were not original, but enable me to get enough knowledge on digital/analogue conversion for possible future more complex projects . It also gave me a interest into the workings of CAD expert systems. hence to develop CADGen which will be a base package for more specialised package to be available in the future.

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